2021 Sale Buyer Registration

Auction Schedule:

Pre-registration - Buyers can pre-register by visiting our website: https://www.mfjrshow.com/  

Pre-registration is currently open.

Browse, Bid, Max Bids and Add-Ons:  Auction will open for browsing, bids, max bids, and add-ons after the final sale order is completed. Final sale order will not be correct until showing of goats and sheep are completed on Saturday.

Auction Closing:  Bids will begin to close on May 9 @ 1:00pm, lasting 1 minutes per lot. 

Lot/item closing times can vary and be shifted from actual posted times.

Log In to Place a Bid or Add On:    

Click Register New Buyer and complete the form.

Select Request Code to receive a 4-digit security code via text.  This password/code is your bidding password for the auction and will be used throughout the auction.  Enter that code in the box below your name.

Make a Bid:

Destination Selection:  Upon placing a first bid for a specific lot, you will be prompted to select a destination for the animal. The turn option is available this year if you do not want to purchase the animal to eat.  If you would like to change your selection, you can do so when placing another bid.  The destinations can be different for multiple animals.

Placing a split bid?  Check the split bid checkbox when placing your bid.  If you win, fair management will contact you upon winning the bid to obtain split details.

Max Proxy Bidding:  Enter a private Proxy Max Bid for any specific lot when placing a bid.  The system will automatically place a new bid at the auction designated increment without going over your Max Bid.

You will receive a text message any time you are outbid on an item.

Auction Process:

The lots/items will be sold in correlation with the sale order.

Use the Filters found by clicking in the top left hand corner of the screen to see lots meeting specified criteria including specific exhibitors, open Lots you've bid on, lots that have closed, and lots without any bids.

Virtual Auctioneer Extensions:

If there is competitive bidding and a bid is placed within the last 60 seconds of the lot closing, the lot will extend 90 seconds.  All subsequent lot closing times will be pushed out accordingly.  


CONGRATULATIONS!  When you have won the lot, you will be contacted by the fair staff to obtain payment information and/or emailed an invoiced.

Questions can be directed to Zack Jordan @ 509-386-5350 or zjhcattle16@live.com