Camper Haul In Information

Due to unforeseen circumstances some changes must be made to camper haul in times. If you turned in a camping spot request, you will have a spot to camp during Jr Show.

Changes are:

-If you normally park outside of the Jr Show Grounds behind the Posse Arena you will not be able to park until Sunday May 1 from 4-7pm

-If you normally park inside the Jr Show fence you will be able to park

Saturday April 30 from 1-5pm or Sunday May 1 from 2-7pm

You must use the Jr Show entrance located between Kelly’s Restaurant and Daves Diesel it will be flagged

DO NOT use the main Posse side entrance

Our Camping Superintendent will be contacting all individuals who turned in a camper form please let her know of any questions or concerns that you have. You can also contact the Jr Show President.

Camping Superintendent

Sara Hinkle (541)377-2850 or