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Attention  Swine Exhibitors

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Attention Swine Exhibitors,  It was brought to the attention of the Board of Directors, by local Veterinarian of required tagging for Swine. The regulations are set forth under Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Animal Disease Traceability rules. All swine must be tagged with a Premises Identification Tag to be unloaded at the Jr Show grounds. These tags can be obtained from the breeder you purchased your animal from. If you are the breeder you must register for a Premises Identification Number with Oregon Department of Agriculture at:

https://www.oregon.gov/oda/shared/Documents/Publications/AnimalHealth/PremisesRegistrationForm.pdf The registration is free and can be completed same day through email. ODA also is the source for you or your breeder to obtain Premises ID tags.

For questions, concerns, or help please contact Zack Jordan at 509-386-5350.

Due to a Umatilla County 4-H Extension office notification, the Board of Directors of the M-F JR Show, will not be allowing Market Swine fed Paylean (Ractopamine Hydrochloride) to be sold at the livestock auction. Testing is only feasible post-mortem, any swine testing positive for Paylean will forfeit sale check due to floor buyers declining purchase of the animal. An agreement between the exhibitor and M-F Jr Show will be signed at Pre-Fair Weigh-in.


Rabbit Exhibitors

Make sure the birth certificate is turned  in at Check in.